Panorama All Seasons Adventure Park

On Sunday, December 14th, the opening of the chair lift was officially declared , part of Panorama All Seasons Adventure Park, leading to the renewed ski slopes.

The park will offer, both to the inhabitants of Krusevo and to the guests, a plethora of sporting and leisure activities throughout the year. With the coming of the ski season, the center’s new owner ensured that the ski slopes are cleared and enlarged. The ski terrain is also equipped with a new ski lift for children. Several important investments have been made in the domain of mechanization and maintenance as well. The new snowcat is ready for action.  The ski center can welcome a maximum of 250 skiers on its ski slopes.

A wonderful adventure lies ahead for Krusevo and the adrenaline is rising. In 2020, we are contemplating the construction of an adrenaline park, under the name Panorama All Seasons Adventure Park, with a zip line, and other numerous activities, which will turn Krusevo in an attractive tourist destination not only in winter but also during the remaining seasons. At the same time, in close cooperation with experts from Switzerland, we are preparing new professional bike trails, leading from Stanic, through Krusevo and its woods.

Panorama All Seasons Adventure Park will give an entirely new image to the tourism in Krusevo. With the new Panorama All Seasons Adventure Park, Krusevo gained a fresh and ultra modern construction, known as Alto Lounge Bar, erected, from scratch, at the spot of the modest old building, on the location of the so-called Stanic.

The inauguration of Alto Lounge Bar and Panorama All Seasons Adventure Park happened at the same time. A lot of locals, and guests, attended the event which celebrated, at the same time, the grand opening of the new ski season in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Alto Lounge Bar, with its too stories, and two terraces, achieves a total capacity of 400 persons. We are also envisaging the construction of an open-air playground, beside the entrance of Alto Lounge Bar, where kids can thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Alto Lounge Bar is part of the new Panorama All Seasons Adventure Park .