Last year, in December, started, or better put, continued the great adventure called Panorama. This past year has been as exceptional as every newborn’s first year in the life is; we have been working intensively, taking our very first momentous steps, babbling our first words, discovering the world. Panorama Hotel & Spa made its first successful steps. Behind us is a year filled with hundreds of satisfied guests; thanks to a great deal of diligent work, continuously striving for excellence at all levels.

After one year of flourishing work, Panorama Hotel & Spa celebrated, in the charming and entertaining company of The Frajle and Invictus, its first birthday on the 14th of December 2019. The evening was blessed with a festive and celebratory atmosphere. The owner of Panorama Hotel & Spa, Koco Mazar, saluted, with enthusiasm and gratitude, the guests, thanking his friends, and associates, for the success achieved during the first year, hoping to attain greater accomplishments in the year to come.